Dar Bony-Sona









All puppies have found the owners!!!


in our kennel were born the puppies of basenji -

3 boys & 1 girl

Dar Boni-Sona B...

Mother : Old Legend's Daria

Rus, Bel  Junior Ch

PPM, PRA, Catarakt  - clear

Fanconi  - clear

Father : Versace of Swala Pala

Inter, Rus, Bel, Bul, RKF Ch

Fanconi  - clear


Puppies 2 month



Puppies 45 days





Puppies 42 days


Puppies 33 days





Puppies 21 days







Puppies 14 days



Puppies 7 days





Puppies 3 days


Puppies 1 day






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