Dar Bony-Sona












we have puppies of the labrador retrievers!!!

Puppies 9 month!

Dar Bony-Sona Amsterdam



Puppies 8 month!

Dar Bony-Sona Arivederci

Dar Bony-Sona A-Michka


Puppies 5 month!

Dar Bony-Sona Amsterdam- Best Baby!!!


Puppies 2,5 month!


All puppies have found the owners!!!

                        Dar Bony-Sona Ice-Cream           Dar Bony-Sona Arivederci


                              Dar Bony-Sona Amro             Dar Bony-Sona Amsterdam


Dar Bony-Sona Asterics

                           Dar Bony-Sona Ariadna      Dar Bony-Sona A-Michka


s. Kumir Shining Success - excellent, J.CAC, Best Junior, CAC


d. Istris Beauty From Magnificos Kingdom - excellent, CAC, HD-B







    Puppies 1 month   





Puppies 10 days





Puppies 3 days



     Puppies 1 day    







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